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Hello and welcome to the Wildwood.

In 1999, I made my first Native American style Loveflute from a piece of reclaimed Mahogany. I had worked from a plan that was in a book titled 'W. Ben Hunts How To Indiancraft' which my wife had bought from a charity shop earlier in the year. It is a great book which was first published in a few volumes in the Thirties then re-edited and published in the Seventies, if you like Native American culture it's worth searching for.

I have almost always made things from wood. I started at an early age and have been carving things for most of my years, I have always been musical too and I'd rather be an Indian than a cowboy any day so once I discovered "how to" make and play the love flute, I came to realise over time that I had found something very, very special.

For many years I made and sold flutes made from the Hunt plan as a hobby alongside other craft items, made from "wild wood" which I had gathered in the line of duty as a Gardener. I would attend one or two annual village fairs in my home county of Leicestershire to try to reduce the number of flutes that were gathering at home which meant that I could justify making more!

What I make today is not a million miles away from that first flute. I am led to believe that the Hunt plan is one of the key factors of the flute's resurrection in America in the early Seventies.

My aim is to make flutes in as sacred a way as possible. Each flute is a one off with its own quirks and personality. I like to let the natural beauty, grain and lustre of the wood shine but have been known to carve the odd block into a Hare or Wolf, I also inlay Abalone and Powa shell into the block and flute from time to time...

I like to make my flutes sing with as clear a voice as I can. Sound is the most important thing. You can make a flute with a clear voice sound breathy but it is very difficult to make a breathy flute sing clearly.

All of my flutes are tuned to the Pentatonic minor scale. I work from high G to low C, but can make flutes below Low C if needed.

I like to work with Native British Timber wherever possible, I have been a gatherer for many years, it is something very close to my heart. I do however use imported timber as well. I make an introductory range of flutes from Western Red Cedar, these have a Rosewood Block and are a great starting point. High C to low E.

Sincerely yours

Kris the fluteman

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