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Timber availability

I have a good stock of various timbers that I like to work with. Some is hand-gathered on a full moon, some is bought in from one of the local timber suppliers, some comes from Woodfairs, some may even have been gifted by a generous spirit tree!

It is all very high quality soundwood. I have my own favourites that I have discovered over the years, but I am always open to suggestion if you would like something different.

Native timbers

  • English Oak. Has a very rich tone, quite loud but warm and mellow
  • English Yew. Has a tone which seems to sing of the past
  • English Field Maple. Classic olde-English flute wood, rich, loud and sweet
  • English Goat Willow. Warm and slightly reedy ( limited supply)
  • English Elm. Quite a mournful-sounding wood but clear (limited supply, very rare these days)
  • English Hawthorn. Very bright and quick but gentle
  • English Rowan. Warm but haunting, sound of the Faerie (very limited supply)
  • English Holly. Strong, balanced and powerful yet still sweet (limited supply)
  • English Ash. Very bright and loud but warm
  • English Hornbeam. Very clear sounding, quite smooth (very limited supply)
  • English Wild Service. Bright and cheery, strong (very limited supply, rare)
  • English Lime. Warm and woody, good for carving


  • Western Red Cedar. Warm, woody and mellow
  • Vintage Brazilian Rosewood. Rich, bright, resonant (very limited supply, very rare)
  • American Black Walnut. Warm, rich tones, beautiful grain
  • Reclaimed antique American Mahogany. Rich, warm tones (limited supply)
  • American Cherry. Nice, warm, bright tones
  • Birds Eye Maple. Loud, yet warm. Spectacular grain (limited supply, very rare)


I have other timbers that are of minimal quantity so are not listed.

Some timbers are no longer available due to scarcity and over-use, but there are many exotics that are still plentiful and available. I only buy timber from approved and trusted sources and prefer to use English timber, but please contact me if you have a specific exotic wood in mind.


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