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Tapered flattened mouthpiece, streamlined tone block with flue, these are an excellent introduction to the flute. Available in Oak, Walnut or Maple with Rosewood tone block.

Prices start from £90.00 incl. postage

(pictured: Rowan flute with Rosewood tone block)



An open ended 'thru' flute with a bird tone block. Placed against the lips rather than in the mouth, these flutes are very responsive. I tend to make the flute and bird from matching timber as a basic flute in Oak, Walnut & Maple.

Prices start at £80.00 incl. postage

(pictured: Birds eye Maple and Mahogany flute with African Blackwood bird)



These flutes have two chambers, one tuned normally and the drone side tuned to the fundamental root note. It is possible to play as an individual flute or by playing both sides, you can accompany yourself. A very magical, hypnotic instrument.

Prices start at £180.00 incl. postage

(pictured: Book-matched Oak Drone flute)

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