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These are open ended but with a smaller opening than the bird, still very comfortable and responsive to play but a little more graceful. Tapered streamline tone block with flue.

Prices start from £90.00 incl. postage

(pictured: English Brown Oak flute with Rosewood tone block)



These are flutes that are decorated with pyrography, any flute can be embellished but I tend to make one or two styles that lend themselves to this style.

Branded flutes start at £110.00 incl. postage

(pictured: Rowan flute with Rosewood tone block )



These are flutes that have had a lot of extra time and care added to the making. I inlay Paua shell, Abalone and crushed turquoise, carve blocks and flutes, use carefully sourced exotic timbers and rare English woods to produce the best possible quality of flute. Commissions are welcomed.

Prices start at £125.00 incl. postage

(pictured: Rowan bird head flutes with Paua inlay and carving)

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