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Greetings and welcome to the Wildwood.

I made my first flute in 1999 working from the plan found in W. Ben Hunts Indian-craft book. A great book worth getting if you are in to Native American culture!

I am self taught, spending many years experimenting with sound production, shape and form, tunings, timbers and finishes all based around the original plan.

I work with English timbers whenever possible, but I also work with some imported stock.

My favourite woods to make flutes with are: Oak, Rowan, Alder, Willow, Elm, Holly, Yew, Hazel, Birch and Hawthorn. All of these woods carry an excellent tone, each has its own timbre and qualities. Some of the English timbers like Hawthorn, Holly or Rowan are very difficult to obtain so the stock varies. Other woods I like to use for flutes are: Walnut, Maple, Mahogany and Rosewood. I also still recycle old timber. Feel free to get in touch and see what woods are currently available.

Each flute that I make is unique and has been lovingly hand crafted to provide you with an instrument that sings with a voice as beautiful as the natural wood it is made from.

Bright blessings

Kris the Fluteman

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